Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a steel building varies. Several factors are involved with the cost such as: size, the number of windows and doors, location where building will be installed, heating/cooling etc.

We can provide a quote based on your requirements to ensure the cost of your building is based on your specific needs and requirements.

We provide free quotes, and we can work with you to try and keep within your budget.

CDN Buildings is a custom fabricator, all our buildings vary in size to meet the customers needs.

We can adjust widths and heights by inches or feet, if necessary, to ensure maximum space required.

Depending on the size, type of steel structure and your location, most likely you will need a permit.

It is best to contact your Township or City to see what permits will be required for your specific build.

Yes, if CDN Buildings is doing the install of your building, we will file all necessary documentation for the permit process. We will guide you through the required information requested by the City or Township.

Customer is responsible for all fees associated with all applicable permits.

For DIY customers we can assist you with Engineered drawings and Site Maps if needed.

We do install our buildings within a 175km radius of our location in Delhi, ON.

We do have relationships with general contractors in various areas. We can provide contact information for you to get an install price.

Many of our steel buildings can be done as a DIY project with 2 or more people, larger buildings may require some equipment for the installation process. We will provide drawings and guidance if you choose to install your own building, we are only a phone call away.

Steel is durable and resistant to corrosion, fire, and pests. Eco friendly and 100% recyclable, pre engineered which reduces construction time, cost less then wooden structures, easy to maintain, and withstand the elements.

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